Are you considering keeping bees? MOTHER EARTH NEWS and Friends podcast producer Robert Riley sits down with Master Beekeepers Becky and Steve Tipton, and Ethnobotanist Dawn Combs, who is a veteran in the realm of "natural beekeeping." These experts share their knowledge and discuss differences to help Robert and other beeginners get up and going with their own colonies. Becky, Steve, and Dawn help prepare you for this upcoming adventure by covering the topics of bee species, swarming, pollinator friendly plants, when to smoke your bees, tools of the trade, and much more. If you are an experienced beekeeper you may even learn a new technique.

Follow the links below for topics mentioned in the podcast that may have piqued your interest:

Beginning Beekeeping: What You Need to Know to Get Started
Common Winter Beekeeping Problems
Natural Beekeeping in Your Backyard
Urban Beekeeping: Be a Backyard Beekeeper



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